Alex listening to concerned citizensAlex campaigning door to door
we can do this!

“Over the course of thousands of conversations, our neighbors have shared their desire for a new generation of leadership in our Democratic Party. Through my commitment to hearing every voice in our community, I’m excited bring a fresh, practical approach to government in our state.”

Alex Tiktinsky is a lifelong Connecticut resident with nearly a decade of Democratic activism under his belt. After graduating from Colgate University with a degree in Political Science, his work as a grassroots organizer brought him here to the 13th District, where he has dedicated himself to advocacy on behalf of our community. Alex knows that a blue wave in November requires a new wave in August, and he’s speaking with thousands of our neighbors to make sure every voice is heard.

On issues ranging from the health of Connecticut’s economy to the rights of our immigrant community, and from public education to our addiction epidemic, Alex is a voice for pragmatic liberal change. He believes that equal opportunity is an essential form of liberty and will work tirelessly at the State Capitol to close Connecticut’s vast gaps in wealth and education. Because Alex is not a political insider, he fought his way onto the primary ballot by earning the signatures of over 1,350 of our neighbors.

Our community understands that it’s time for a new generation of leadership in our state. Alex is ready to unseat incumbent Republican Len Suzio this November, and bring a fresh, practical approach to government as our next State Senator. Please take a moment to read Alex’s thoughts on the issues, and don’t hesitate to give him a call at 203-522-3308. He hopes to earn your vote in the Democratic primary election on August 14.

Together, we can do this!