Alex for Connecticut
On The Issues
“I’m committed to fighting for better access to treatment, sensible justice reform, and stronger regulation to combat our growing addiction epidemic.”
Last year, over one thousand Connecticut residents died of a drug overdose, including dozens of our neighbors in the 13th District. Addiction now kills more than twice as many members of our community as guns and car accidents combined. It is an indiscriminate butcher, laying waste to young and old, working-class and wealthy, across every town.
Our deadliest epidemic is getting worse. Fatal overdoses in Connecticut have nearly tripled in the past six years, fed by the continued overprescription of opioid pain medication and the increasing street presence of fentanyl, a potent cousin of heroin.
In recent years, our state has taken some strong first steps to regulate the flow of painkillers, but we can do more to address their overprescription, educate patients on their risks and alternatives, and strengthen physician accountability laws. We should continue to increase the availability of overdose-reversing naloxone and expand our drug court system to treat addicts with rehabilitation rather than prison. Most critically, we must invest in smarter, more comprehensive, and more affordable recovery services.
Connecticut’s addiction crisis is formidable. But we can tackle it together.