Alex for Connecticut
On The Issues
“Education is an investment in our economic future. By providing every student with high-quality public schooling, we can increase access to opportunity and enable new generations of workers, innovators, and leaders to realize their potential.”
Connecticut boasts a handful of America’s best public schools, but our state’s wealth inequality has yielded one of the highest educational achievement gaps in the country. It’s time to strengthen our commitment to equal opportunity for every student through smarter, more equitable funding.
Education is an investment in our communities. I support expanding early learning through new parent education and universal public preschool. We should broaden the role of schools as community centers by increasing funding for extended day programming at the state level. And we must make our public colleges, community colleges, and universities more affordable — and eventually free.
Education is also an investment in our economy. We should expand technical schools and continuing education programs to provide workers with valuable professional skills and attract new jobs to our state. And we need to build partnerships between our research universities and private industry to develop new sectors of our economy. Workers who train in Connecticut should know they will find fulfilling, well-paying careers in our state, and businesses should know that our workforce is ready to meet their needs.