Alex for Connecticut
On The Issues
“As an avid environmentalist, I’m committed to protecting Connecticut’s natural resources for generations to come. We should invest in green industries, strengthen our relationships with other states to combat climate change, and preserve clean air, clean water, and our vibrant parks systems.”
I grew up running on Connecticut trails, biking through Connecticut forests, and swimming in Connecticut waterways. Our state is home to incredible natural beauty. Caring for our environment is an important investment in our community, as healthy ecosystems make our state an attractive place to start a family or build a business. As your State Senator, I will fight to ensure that every person in our state is able to access these resources for generations to come.
I will also work hard to defend our environment against President Trump’s war on nature. We must combat the threat of climate change, protect our ecosystems from pollution, and reduce our reliance upon fossil fuels. Because we are a small state, we must do more than lead by example. The air we breathe and the water we drink often come from outside our borders. I will expand our regional environmental protection partnerships throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and on a national scale.