Alex for Connecticut
On The Issues
“Healthcare in our state and our country lag behind the rest of the developed world. I support a public, Medicare-for-all system at the federal level, and will fight hard at the State Capitol to expand access to affordable, comprehensive care here in Connecticut.”
Universal public healthcare is a no-brainer. The average American spends over ten thousand dollars every year on health coverage, and our system of employer-provided insurance makes it difficult for small businesses to compete with large corporations. It’s time for us to shift toward a Medicare-for-all model that can provide better care at better prices for all.
Through conversations at countless kitchen tables, I’ve observed the financial peril that comes with reduced HUSKY coverage. I’ll fight hard at the State Capitol to reverse this dangerous trend and expand affordable coverage to every member of our community.
Finally, Connecticut should invest more in research to build a civically responsible medical industry. Through better leadership in public-private partnerships, we can harness the brainpower of our colleges and universities to develop new treatments and reduce the cost of prescription drugs.