Alex for Connecticut
On The Issues
“Immigrant communities face constant discrimination and abuse, and our undocumented neighbors face the additional threat of deportation. It’s time to write a more inclusive chapter in our shared history.”
Immigrants contribute to our economy, invest in our communities, and enrich our culture. I support expanding our legal immigration system, building a path to citizenship for our undocumented neighbors, and giving every American — immigrant or native-born — the chance to turn hard work into success.
Here in Connecticut, we must take action to protect our immigrant community. As your State Senator, I will fight to strengthen the Trust Act to prevent federal agencies from deputizing our law enforcement, and reform misdemeanor sentencing to protect our neighbors from deportation. I will work to protect the sanctuary status of immigrants persecuted by the federal government. And I will push for access to state services for every resident, regardless of documentation status.
In addition to opportunity, immigrants also seek the protection provided by our liberal democracy. Many of our ancestors, including members of my family, were driven to our shores by persecution overseas as well as the desire for a better life. I will honor this heritage by working to expand Connecticut’s refugee resettlement programs.