Alex for Connecticut
On The Issues
“If people are the heart of our economy, infrastructure represents our veins and arteries. We need to make smart investments in transit and data systems in order to spur job growth in our state.”
Investment in transit infrastructure can bring brick and mortar businesses back to our state, and local and regional improvements are just as important as those at the state and national level. I will fight hard to build more comprehensive and efficient neighborhood bus systems, to unjam our clogged highways, and to ensure the affordability of public transportation for every member of our community.
We have a lot of maintenance to do. Over half of Connecticut’s roads have been rated “poor” by the National Infrastructure Report Card, and driving on roads in need of repair costs an average of $864 per driver per year in our state. Hundreds of our bridges and dams are structurally deficient, and many of our train tracks are incapable of high-speed service. If we don’t fix these systems soon, we risk expensive and even deadly breakdowns.
Finally, our state should invest more in our digital infrastructure. Connecticut is home to only a handful of the 300 data centers in the Northeast, which provide technology companies and research universities with valuable computing power. By expanding our information sector, we can bring new industries and jobs to our state.