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Labor Rights
Labor RightsLabor Rights
Labor Rights
“Actions speak louder than words. On my own campaign, I have demonstrated a commitment to $15/hour. As your State Senator, I will continue the fight to expand the rights of working people in Connecticut.”
Connecticut’s cost of living is among the highest in the country, and wages have not kept pace with inflation. I believe that full time work at minimum wage should pay the rent, and that every worker should have access to paid family and medical leave. As your State Senator, I will fight to increase the minimum wage, protect collective bargaining rights, and empower small businesses to compete without compromising their workers’ rights.
We should not balance the budget on the backs of public servants. As I work to make our agencies more efficient, I will also stand against any attempts to break the promises we’ve made to current and retired state workers. We face a crisis of confidence in our state government, and we will only make things worse if we do not honor our commitment to provide pensions and retirement healthcare for those who have dedicated their lives to our community.