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Net Neutrality
Net NeutralityNet Neutrality
Net Neutrality
“Net neutrality protects consumers, small businesses, and the freedom of information. We need legislators who understand the issues at stake and will fight to expand and enforce common sense net neutrality protections here in Connecticut.”
Net neutrality describes the idea that all data delivered online should be treated equally by internet service providers (ISPs). In practice, it ensures that all content gets from its origin to our screens at the same rate, no matter where it originates. It is essential to the open nature of our internet, and protects businesses, consumers, and the freedom of information.
This June, the FCC rolled back net neutrality, exposing consumers to a dangerous new world of corporate overreach. ISPs like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast will now be able to create “fast lanes” for their own content and the content of companies that are able to pay hefty fees, creating new obstacles to small business. They’ll be able to slow the websites of their competitors or critics to a crawl. And they may even be able to block websites or apps outright.
These recent federal rule changes threaten to chip away at free expression, free enterprise and free access to information. Here in Connecticut, despite the “no” vote of our current State Senator, we recently passed our own bill to protect net neutrality. But these liberties will be under attack again if we fail to flip the 13th District. It’s time to elect leaders who understand the complex issues at stake in our modern technology sector.